Predicting Weather For A Channel Crossing

Predicting Weather For A Channel Crossing

With thousands of swimmers gearing up for various kinds of open water swims over the next several months, everyone is gearing up for all kinds of weather and water conditions.

Predictions are usually hopeful, commonly optimistic and rarely accurate – and completely in line with the open water swimming mantra, Expect the Unexpected.

Just hope for good weather, low winds, weak tides, warm water, no marine life for …

…predicting weather for a channel crossing on a specific date is like predicting a hot blind date
…or like choosing the fastest line in a crowded supermarket
…or like guessing the next presidential nominee in 4 years
…or like foretelling the next hottest video on YouTube
…or like picking the next Best Picture at the Academy Awards
…or like estimating the cost of gasoline next year
…or like presupposing your son’s future wife
…or like selecting the men’s Olympic 10km Marathon Swim gold medalist
…or like anticipating the distance of Ned Denison‘s next workout at the Cork Distance Week
…or like guessing the topic of Donal Buckley‘s next blog posting on
…or like picking the next swimmer who will be featured by Jose Diaz on Nadandolibre

In the profound words of International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee Ted Erikson, “Predicting the weather is a property of quantum mechanics where probability reigns supreme.”

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Steven Munatones