Presenting The Ireland Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame On WOWSA Live

Presenting The Ireland Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame On WOWSA Live

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Christopher Bryan, Honour Swimmer

Recognition from one’s peers is always appreciated by luminaries in any field.

On today’s WOWSA Live episode, Ned Denison and Deirdre Ward explained the background, purpose, scope and honorees of the Ireland Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame), a Hall of Fame that recognizes and honors leading marathon swimmers and contributors to the sport in Ireland. Founded in 2017, it serves as a historic record and provides heroes and role models for future generations in Ireland.

Eilís Burns is an Honour Contributor

Before the Hall of Fame was established, it had to be envisioned, strategically planned and diplomatically announced by the co-founders.

Billy Wallace, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Administrator, Class of 1999
Irish Long Distance Swimming Association, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Organization, Class of 2012
Ned Denison, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Administrator, Class of 2012
Stephen Redmond, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer, Class of 2017

Lisa Cummins is an Honour Swimmer

Eligibility into the Ireland Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame requires that all swimmers and contributors must either be Irish citizens, regardless of domicile, or have lived in Ireland for the years of meritorious involvement in the sport. All current and future Honorees of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame who meet this requirement will automatically be included in the Hall of Fame. As a result, Ted Keenan is also included as an Honouree.

Swimmers: their record of solo swims of 10 km of more in natural open water is considered. Relay swims are not considered.

Contributors: includes administrators, coaches, crew, media, organizations, pilots, sponsors, volunteers, etc. The key consideration is making a real contribution and difference to the sport.

Nominations are typically in the form of a single sheet outlining their accomplishments and contributions with contact details. Individuals can be nominated for several categories.
Nominations can be sent via email to either Deirdre Ward (mailto:] or Eilís Burns ( Ward and Burns will review the nomination for factual content as eligibility is dependent upon swims and contributions which are recognized by the community and are not actively contested.

All living honorees will be given a vote. All accepted nominations will be placed on the next ballot and remain active for up to five years as long as there is reasonable support by the voters each year. The Hall of Fame may opt to add to the nomination where additional marathons or contributions take place.

Class of 2020
Honour Swimmer Conor Gunn
Honour Swimmer Owen O’Keefe
Honour Swimmer Colm O’Neill
Honour Swimmer Fergal Somerville
Honour Organisation Frances Thornton Memorial Galway Bay Swim
Honour Crew Imelda Lynch

Class of 2019
Honour Swimmer Anne-Marie Ward
Honour Swimmer Grainne Gunn
Honour Swimmer Ion Lazarenco Tiron
Honour Swimmer Ned Denison
Honour Contributor Stephen Millar, Administrator
Honour Contributor Sandycove Island Swimmers, Organisation

Class of 2018
Honour Swimmer Chris Bryan
Honour Swimmer Lisa Cummins
Honour Swimmer Kieran Fitzgerald
Honour Swimmer Jack McClelland
Honour Swimmer Deirdre Ward
Honour Contributor Eilís Burns, Coach
Honour Contributor Martin Cullen, Administrator
Honour Contributor Brian Meharg, Pilot
Honour Contributor Quinton Nelson, Pilot

For more information, visit the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association website here and here.

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