Pretty And Polite, Fair And Friendly

Video courtesy of race founder and director Kathleen Wilson, Charleston, South Carolina.

Travel and Leisure Magazine gave another few reasons why the Swim Around Charleston in South Carolina is a great reason to visit this famed southern city in America.

In an article about America’s Most Attractive People, Charleston was ranked third overall.

These South Carolina locals consistently land among the survey’s top 10 for head-turners. One secret of their success, no doubt, is that pretty-is-as-pretty-does hospitality: Charleston also ranked well for being polite. Another factor, though, may be that with age comes beauty. The city scored highly for its charming old architecture and lovely antiques. To see both, go to Lower King Street’s Antique District, anchored by such stores as the fourth-generation Birlant and the artfully eclectic John Pope Antiques. Take a lunch break for the she-crab soup at Palmetto Café in the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel.”

In another article about America’s friendliest cities, Charleston again garnered a podium finish by ranking third.*

Everything in Charleston is perfectly designed for visitors to be comfortable, safe, and well taken care of. The locals truly love to share the wonders of their city with all, and it shows. From the many choices of things to do (or simply doing nothing at all) to the laid-back but sophisticated atmosphere, there is really no way not to have a good time here.” Another simply said: “I swear, you can see the happiness in the air.”

* Charleston was ranked Number 1 in 2014.

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