Pretty In Pink And Ready To Rumble

Pretty In Pink And Ready To Rumble

Chloe McCardel‘s upcoming 103-mile marathon swim across the Florida Strait from Cuba to Florida will be done without any protective swimwear.

She will face her journey like no one else has done before her over the last 40+ years.

Susie Maroney and Skip Storch did their Cuba swims with shark cages. Penny Palfrey and Diana Nyad did their Cuba swims with protective swimwear (stinger suits). For it is not primarily the distance that is the overwhelming obstacles in the Florida Strait; it is the currents, tides, eddies, and marine life.

McCardel’s feat hails back to 1950 when the first swimmers attempted to swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida.

It will be an adventure back in time.

NOTE: To find out what happened, McCardel’s explanation of her swim at her post-swim press conference is here.

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