Hammer Head Swim Cap


Hammerhead is designed with HIT technology, a patented cushion inside to minimize accidental and repetitive head hits in the pool or open water alike making it 50% safer than other swim caps. It is designed for racing with a wrinkle-free dome surface that reduces frontal drag by up to 10.5%. It is also comes in three sizes, giving you the most comfortable fit and not one Hammer Head has ever torn, making it the most durable swim cap on the market.


The first portion of a triathlon is the open water swim, and with mass starts back, it’s crucial to consider personal head protection. This part of the race can be intimidating and up until now there was nothing to mitigate head hits when you have limited visibility, splashing water, and close encounters with other athletes. Traffic jams at buoy turns, floating debris and rough waters add to the danger, especially with officials in turbulent boats and kayaks nearby. Knowing these risk zones can help you navigate safely.

Hammer Head® Swim Caps are here to change the playing field. Our proprietary safety technology cushion inside is designed to make you and your teammates safer in the water, improving your confidence and helping you compete at the highest level.

We love the street credibility that comes from being nominated “Product of the Year” by World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) for disrupting the swim cap market  –  as the world’s first protective swim cap.

Hammer Head® raises the bar and takes swim caps to a whole new level. With its patented cushion inside the cap combined with a smooth outer surface and seamless design make it 50% safer, up to 10.5% faster and 100% more durable than flimsy latex or silicone caps.