THEMAGIC5 Blue Magic Mirror Gold


This is the world’s first made-to-order custom-fit goggles.

Our innovative and technically advanced goggles feature UV-protected lenses with a unique shape and superior peripheral vision. Our goggles are crafted using best-in-class materials and our innovative Optimal Fitting Technology (OFT) which shapes the googles to your unique facial structure.

This exclusive set of 2 x goggles is everything you need as a multipurpose swimmer. BLUE MAGIC will let in the maximum amount of light, providing superb clarity of vision for swimming indoor or outdoor – especially in low-light/overcast conditions. The BLUE MAGIC MIRROR GOLD is slightly blue-tinted and gives a beautiful clear wide outlook through the gold mirror, it’s the perfect all-condition goggle and will propel you through all conditions.

The set only sold to fit one unique person. This bundle includes a single goggle case. The other pair is shipped with a smaller cardboard box.

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The BLUE MAGIC MIRROR GOLD is our #1 best selling swimming goggles! The blue tint gives a beautiful clear vision through the gold mirror. This color is perfect for most conditions and is a good fit for both indoor and outdoor swimming. If you are swimming in very sunny conditions you should consider some of our darker colors, such as the SMOKE MAGIC or BLACK MAGIC MIRROR SILVER.

As with all our goggles, the BLUE MAGIC MIRROR GOLD is produced with our Optimal Fitting Technology™, which means that the goggles are produced to fit you and only you. Based on the facial scan, the goggles are produced to fit the curvature of your face. This creates the best possible conditions for having the most comfortable and leak-free swimming goggles.

All goggles include goggle cases.