VASA Swim Ergometer with PM3 Power Meter


The Vasa Swim Ergometer with PM3 Power Meter (ANT+ and BT Wireless Connectivity) improves swimming technique, power, and endurance outside the pool. The Vasa SwimErg indoor dryland swim trainer is designed to simulate swimming workouts that will get you stronger, better, faster. For the ultimate interactive swim training experience, connect the game-changing PM3 Power Meter with your favorite apps & devices, like TrainerDay®, Garmin®, & TrainerRoad®.


The Vasa Swim Ergometer with PM3 Power Meter (ANT+ and BT Wireless Connectivity) is the ultimate swim bench for improving endurance, sustained power, and stroke technique.

Training on the Vasa Swim Ergometer is a proven way to swim stronger, better, faster. You’ll get outstanding results for developing swim-specific power, strength, and endurance. The SwimErg’s adjustable airflow resistance closely simulates the feeling of swimming in water.

The PM3 Power Meter’s reliable, repeatable metrics make it easy to quantify your progress on every session. Use with 3rd party devices and applications like Garmin®, TrainerDay® and TrainerRoad® to enhance your options for a more interactive training experience including the planning and execution of structured workouts. For a complete experience, upload your workouts to third-party programs like TrainingPeaks®, Strava® and® where you can analyze your individual workout performance and progress.

BONUS: You get a free 90 day subscription to TrainerDay® and access to Vasa specific SwimErg workouts written by some of Vasa’s top coaches for the ultimate indoor dry land swim training experience! Note: iPhone, iPad and 3rd party devices not included.

Full Vasa SwimErg’s purchased after 9/12/2022 already have the PM3 Power Meter included.
The Vasa Swim Ergometer Performance Guarantee

Try it for yourself for 3 months, risk-free—your improvement will be dramatic. If you don’t realize a performance improvement within 90 days of using the SwimErg as directed, we’ll refund the purchase price (less a 15% restocking fee)—no questions asked. (NOTE: Customers will be responsible for paying all return shipping charges.)