Protection Supports Participation In The Open Water

Protection Supports Participation In The Open Water

Ocean Care Solutions is a company specializing in the development, distribution and sales of marine sting first aid kits and jellyfish sting relief spray designed to provide safe and proven effective pain relief supported by medical and marine science first aid protocols for marine envenomations. Kevin Freeman can support disabled veterans through product support and sales profit donations.

My family has always supported our veterans in some form or another over the years since my brother first served with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam in 1967-68. He spent 23 years in the service and retired as a Sargent Major, U.N.Command, 8th Army, Seoul, Korea so veteran’s affairs became a way of life for our family. I can think of no better way for our company to show our appreciation to disable vets than to support such an incredible organization like Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.”

By training the injured in aquatic activities, Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba can help facilitate the rehabilitation process and promote mobility in a sport they can enjoy throughout their life. On the water, in the water and underwater, the soldiers can experience the challenges, exhilaration, wonder and sense of accomplishment by doing extraordinary things regardless of their disabilities.

Our plan is pretty simple. We will donate US$1 from the online sale of any of our marine sting products this year, including the Portuguese Man o’ War, Stingray, Sea Urchin and Fire Coral first aid kits as well as a specially formulated, medically supported 5% acetic acid Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution. while providing the organization with the product they need,” said Kevin. “We hope to expand this program for years and eventually to retailers. But for now, anything we sell from our site, we will be honored to donate to this worthy cause. Anything helps and your support brings a great deal of joy.”

For more information, visit Ocean Care Solutions and Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba.

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