Protei Is Open Sourcing Solutions On The Open Ocean

Protei Is Open Sourcing Solutions On The Open Ocean

Cesar Harada is currently on the open ocean promoting and building his open source sailing drone.

Harada and his fellow entrepreneurs at Protei are part of the Unreasonable At Sea initiative, currently traveling over 25,000 nautical miles to 13 countries.

His ship-based location seems entirely appropriate since he and his team is developing ocean drones to help clean up oil spills.

These sailing robots sense the location of environmentally damaging oil spills and then help clean the oceans with mobile equipment at sea developed by an global community of scientists, engineers, makers and sailors.

Their solutions are creative and necessary because today’s current oil spill clean-up methodologies have limitations: skimming oil spills harms the health of staff, it cannot operate at night safely, it remains costly when conducted far from shore, and it cannot operate in rough weather. Protei resolves these limiting factors.

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