Providing A Helping Hand With The Masterfeedermixer

Providing A Helping Hand With The Masterfeedermixer

A masterfeedermixer is a coach, support crew member, parent, friend or volunteer who is responsible for preparing, mixing and feeding a marathon swimmer or channel swimmer on an escorted swim.

The masterfeedermixer lays out everything before and during the swim and understands what kinds of foods and hydration the swimmer wants in precise detail, in terms of volume, taste, and timing.

The masterfeedermixer is organized, detailed and professional, knowing that an open water swimmer’s feeding content and schedule is critical to success. Everything from the flavor to the texture is managed by the masterfeedermixer with a smile and on time.

The experienced masterfeedermixer can use a variety of ropes, bottles, tubes, illumination and feeding sticks or poles to hand the food and hydration to the swimmer throughout the swim as they coordinate with the escort pilot, paddlers, kayakers and swimmer.

If the swim is a long one, the masterfeedermixer can work with or assign deputies to assist in the preparation, mixing and feeding of the swimmer. Roni Hibben and Patsee Ober first used the term in 2009 during a Catalina Channel crossing by Lynn Kubasek.

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