Pursuing Excellence In The Open Water

Pursuing Excellence In The Open Water

After the USA Swimming National 5K Open Water Swimming Championships in Marine Stadium in Long Beach, California on June 6th, two new events will be held: the 2K Open Water Pursuit – one full loop of the Marine Stadium course – and the 4K Open Water Pursuit – two complete loops of the Marine Stadium course.

Athletes will be able to demonstrate precise teamwork, their drafting abilities, streamlined positioning and choreographed pace work in the water like cyclists on the road or speed skaters on ice ovals..

After the best open water swimmers of America and Canada will compete for spots on their respective national teams in order to swim at the 2010 World Open Water Swimming Championships in July, everyone else will compete in the new Open Water Pursuit races.

The Open Water Pursuit concept is for teams of three or four swimmers to start and finish together. Swimmers are strongly encouraged to swim together, drafting and pacing off of one another as speed skaters or cyclists do. Swimming together, teams can swim significantly faster and more efficiently than individuals swimming by themselves.

The official time of the team is the time that the swimmers cross the finish line together, placing a premium on drafting, positioning and pacing.

There will be a staggered start where the teams will be start 30 seconds apart. Teams will receive a team number that will be written on the shoulders of each relay member. Teams will start in numerical order (Team #1 first, Team #2 second, etc.). The start order will be randomly selected, so some teams will undoubtedly pass other teams. Individuals may also swim in the 2K or 4K race as Solo Swimmers who will be set off in a mass start before the 3-person and 4-person teams.

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