Pushing Each Other To Greater Depths

Pushing Each Other To Greater Depths

The stories of rivalries in the realm of sports are too numerous to recall.

In the oceans, there are storied rivalries like Des Renford vs. Kevin Murphy as well as contemporary rivalries like Yuri Kudinov vs. Petar Stoychev in the English Channel, and Thomas Lurz vs. Spyridon Gianniotis at the world championships, as well as Keri-Anne Payne vs. Martina Grimaldi at the upcoming London Olympics.

While these elite open water swimmers strive to go as fast as possible horizontally on the surface of the water, apnoe breath-holding divers strive to go as deep as possible. Jaques Mayol vs. Enzo Maiorca and Pipin Ferreras vs. Umberto Pelizzari are among the greatest rivalries in this sport that taxes the human body in inhospitable ways.

Ocean Men is a film about Ferreras and Pelizzari and showcases the combination of athletics and philosophy, human nature and cultural tradition in the sport. Like swimmers, these open water athletes share a mindset and passion that enables them to push beyond normal physiological phenomena. In their case, they go deeper and longer.

Directed by the renowned Bob Talbot, Ocean Men showcases wonderful marine cinematography and unveils a story where rivals push themselves beyond imagination.

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Steven Munatones