Qing Li Achieves Fastest Iron Icewoman Turnaround in History

Qing Li Achieves Fastest Iron Icewoman Turnaround in History

Qing Li swam in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach in November when she completed the Ironman Triathlon Florida.

Less than a month later on December 5th, she was swimming in 4.13°C water at Ohio St. Beach in Chicago, Illinois where she completed an Ice Mile in 31 minutes 35 seconds.

It is believed that the 31-year-old former sprint backstroker set the fastest turnaround time to become an Iron Icewoman (or Iron Iceman) in history,” observed Steven Munatones. “Qing did her Ironman in Florida and then went home and did her Ice Mile 29 days later. That is an incredible feat – being able to handle the high heat in November and the cold in December in such a short amount of time.”

But Li apparently knows no barriers. She has also achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and the Grand Slam of Open Water Swimming with crossings of the 32.3 km Catalina Channel and 33.5 km English Channel with completion of the 45.9 km 20 Bridges Manhattan Island Swim around New York City and the 38.6 km Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in Florida.

She also serves as an advisor to GLOW (Great Lakes Open Water adventures) in Lake Ontario, competed in the 2020 Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival, and sports a really colorful jellyfish tattoo (photo above courtesy of APRoberson Photography).

As she states on her Instagram (@cha_qing), she is living a loud, vibrant, authentic life promoting balance, integrity, respect, and higher consciousness.

Iron Icewomen in History

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