Qualifying In Loch Lomond

Qualifying In Loch Lomond

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Chris Sifleet of Swim4Miles is hosting open water swimming camps in Loch Lomond in Scotland together with Julie Bradshaw of GetSet4Success.

Swim4miles is based on the banks of Loch Lomond, a beautiful, scenic area of natural beauty,” says Sifleet.

Since its inception, Swim4miles has escorted record-holder James Leitch and others across the 21.6-mile challenge. The temperature down the Loch is variable. It can be balmy warm one moment and freezing cold the next. It can be sunny one minute, raining the next. You never know. This season we are welcoming swimmers from England, New Zealand and Ireland.

Last year, the camp – the Inchmurrin Swim Camp – was attended by swimmers who were attempting the English Channel that year and the next year.

The swim camp is held on Inchmurrin Island which is 4.5 around where the swimmers carried out their six-hour English Channel qualifying swim

Sifleet and Bradshaw offer sessions on visualisation, nutrition, and training as they welcome day visitors and those who wish to stay on Inchmurrin Island. “At Swim4miles, our philosophy is achievement rather than racing and we encourage people from all abilities to achieve their aims with us. We escort swimmers swimming one mile, across the Loch to the full Loch. We celebrate the same way for everyone whatever the distance swum and however long it has taken.

Maggie Kidd, who has completed English Channel and North Channel crossings, James Gibson, medical technicians and kayakers who are qualified to deal emergency rescue situations escort swimmers on each of our swims. On all swims, we use Sifleet’s boat Sid, a 24-foot regal 2300 LSR, and an inflatable boat.”

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