Development Training Camp At Beijing Sports University

Development Training Camp At Beijing Sports University

Beijing Sports University’s renowned marathon swimmer Zhang Jian and colleague Zhang Jie offer a Quality Development Training Camp at Beijing Sports University.

Zwang promotes cross-training as a healthy lifestyle with the Beijing Sports University Joint Beijing Triathlon Association. “The purpose is to improve sports awareness, cultivate interest in sports among the youth, improve their physique, and develop good fitness habits and a character of perseverance.”

Zhang teaches and trains at the Outdoor Sports Center of the Beijing Sports University.

The open water swimming pioneer in China he leads a diversified curriculum that includes swimming skills and outdoor survival knowledge in a series of classroom lectures enhanced by outdoor training, first-hand observations of Olympic champions in taekwondo and rhythmic gymnastics, and the literature of Chinese classics that emphasize hard-fought victories.

Zhang is supported by Beijing Sports University colleagues Sun Haibin, who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean over 56 days, and Coach Zhang Jie who crossed the Cook Strait in 2007 in 8 hours 3 minutes.

Photo shows paceline training under the direction of Zhang Jian.

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