Queensland, It's Beautiful And Friendly

Queensland, It’s Beautiful And Friendly

The Milk & Co Queensland Ocean Swim Series had close to 2,500 swimmers participate in its races during the 2013 season.

Writer Ellie Gleeson explains her reasons why ocean swimming is Australia’s new “it” sport:

It’s beautiful. Australia has the best beaches in the world. The best.

Travel anywhere and I guarantee you’ll land back in Oz saying exactly that. In particular, Queensland’s beaches are particularly sensational – whether it’s surf, small breaks, or calm bays, you will find a beach to suit your ocean swimming needs.

That’s where Weekend Warrior Events come in – they have hand-picked Queensland’s best spots to hold their events: Mooloolaba, Caloundra, Coolangatta, and Tangalooma.

You’ll make friends. Ocean swimmers are a notoriously friendly bunch. Whether you train in a pool or at the beach, swimmers love nothing more than to have a chat, share a coffee, and plan on cracking a beer together after the next race. And the participants in ocean swimming come from all walks of life: this is not an exclusive sport. You don’t have to have a six figure salary or be an elite athlete.

Come to a Weekend Warrior event in Queensland, you’ll see exactly what I mean!

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