Rachel Lee, Sabrina Wiedmer, Nuala Moore Up For Awards

Rachel Lee, Sabrina Wiedmer, Nuala Moore Up For Awards

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Three female swimmers are up for consideration as the most mind-boggling adventurers among a slew of accomplished athletes in the Irish outdoor and adventure scene in 2016: Rachel Lee [shown swimming the English Channel on left], channel swimmer Sabrina Wiedmer, and ice swimmer Nuala Moore.

The awards ceremony is tomorrow in the Sugar Club in Dublin and is organized by Outsider Magazine.

The overall winners of the #OutsiderAwards2016 will be announced in the following categories. Among the nominees, there are climbers, runners, sailors, mountaineers, adventurers, triathletes, cyclists, paramotor adventurers, wakeboarders, skiers, bikers, walkers, volunteers, TV presenters, scouts, explorers, hikers, kite boarders, and three open water swimmers:

1. Outsider Woman of the Year 

2. Outsider Man of the Year 

3. Most Inspiring Person
4. Best Newcomer or Breakthrough Achievement 

5. Youth Award
. Masters Award

7. Most Devoted to the Outdoor Scene Award
8. Audience Choice Award

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