Rachele Bruni Kicks Off 2016 Where She Wants To Finish

Rachele Bruni Kicks Off 2016 Where She Wants To Finish

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

能ある鷹は爪を隠す in Japanese is a proverb that can be translated to English as ‘A skilled falcon hides its talons‘.

That is currently the case for many of the world’s fastest women in the open water.

2016 Olympic 10K Marathon Swimming finalists including Aurélie Muller, Sharon van Rouwendaal, Ana Marcela Cunha, Anastasiia Krapivina, Isabelle Härle, Kalliopi Araouzou, Haley Anderson, and Éva Risztov purposefully missed the opening leg of the FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup circuit.

Even other competitive 2016 Olympic aspirants like Keri-Anne Payne, Erika Villaecija, Melissa Gorman, Yumi Kida, Heidi Gan and Cecilia Biagioli are focused on training hard in their home countries, preparing for the final Olympic qualifier in June set for Portugal.

The world’s top women’s marathon swimmers will all gather once again at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro at the Olympics.

But meanwhile the FINA World Cup circuit goes on.

Defending champion Rachele Bruni of Italy did not mind taking off some time during her rigorous training to return to Patagones-Viedma in Argentina and race. Polina Okimoto, the only other 2016 Olympic qualifier, gave her a good battle, but ultimately fell short of the defending 2015 FINA World Cup champion.

1 Rachele Bruni (Italy) 2:06:11.50
2 Polina Okimoto (Brazil) 2:06:15.00
3 Samantha Arevalo Salinas (Ecuador) 2:06:22.72
4 Paola Valentina Perez Sierra (Venezuela) 2:06:23.08
5 Adeline Furst (France) 2:06:54.69
6 Angela Maurer (Germany 2:07:00.75
7 Daria Kulik (Russia) 2:07:02.29
8 Angelica Andre (Portugal) 2:07:33.97
9 Cecilia Biagioli (Argentina) 2:07:35.72
10 Ophelie Aspord (France) 2:07:51.25
11 Emily Bruneman (USA) 2:07:51.84
12 Astrid Mercedes Iturbe Franzius (Venezuela) 2:07:52.37
13 Liliana Hernandez Vera (Venezuela) 2:08:00.28
14 Silvie Rybarova (Czech Republic) 2:08:44.10
15 Karelis Del Carmen Clemant Materano (Venezuela) 2:09:16.74
16 Nataly Rosana Caldas Calle (Ecuador) 2:09:20.06
17 Caroline Jouisse (France) 2:09:50.12
18 Julia Arino (Argentina) 2:10:20.50
19 Florencia Mazzei (Argentina) 2:12:25.06
20 Esther Nuñez (Spain) 2:13:08.68
21 Geijo Pilar (Argentina) 2:14:22.65
22 Stephanie Karin Romero Serwatka (Argentina) 2:15:21.81
23 Puca Mayte Ailen (Argentina) 2:16:38.93
24 Celeste Puñet (Argentina) 2:19:49.49

The remaining 2016 FINA/HOSA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup events are as follows:

2. Abu Dhabi (UAE) – February 26th
3. Balatonfured (HUN) – June 18th
4. Lac St-Jean (CAN) – July 28th
5. Lac Megantic (CAN) – August 13th
6. Chun’An (CHN) – October 9th
7. Honk Kong (HKG) – October 15th

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