Racing Tactics In The Open Water

Racing Tactics In The Open Water

Beyond the human versus nature aspect of open water swimming, a competitive atmosphere is clearly evident at local, national, and international races. Some people want to merely finish; others want to win. Most competitors are somewhere in the middle.

Olympians, professional marathon swimmers, and competitive triathletes have arsenals that contain a variety of racing tactics that they deploy when they compete for medals, money, and pride

So opens the chapter on racing tactics for every level of athlete in Steven Munatones’ comprehensive 264-page book on the emerging sport of open water swimming, the fastest growing sport in the world today.

Learn more about how the best swimmers traverse open bodies of water in the fastest, most efficient means possible. Learn why the organizers of the 2012 London Olympics are preparing for its largest number of spectators in one location to be in Hyde Park where the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim will be held on August 9th (women) and August 10th (men).

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