Railroading To The Finish In The Open Water

Railroading To The Finish In The Open Water

As the weather starts to warm in Northern Hemisphere, many open water swimmers near coastlines, lake shores and river banks are finding this to be the time to get out of the pool and into the open water.

If you’re going to be doing races where waves are a variable, try practicing your finishes by railroading to the finish line.

Railroading is when you use the power of ocean swells to push you forward as you head toward shore.

As the ocean swells build up behind and beneath you, increase your kick and stroke rate, sprinting in conjunction with the power of the swell to gain an incremental boost from the swell power and direction. As the swell passes you, then reduce your kick and stroke rate back to their normal cadence. Once you’ve reached the breaking waves, do some body surfing and dolphining into the beach.

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Steven Munatones