RCP Tiburon Mile Was Savage For James

RCP Tiburon Mile Was Savage For James

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

James Savage, who was the youngest swimmer to complete a round-trip Alcatraz Island swim, admitted that the recent RCP Tiburon Mile was his most difficult open water race to date…by far.

But he loved it. Absolutely loved it.

James is always up for a challenge,” said his mother Jillian to Bob Placak shown on left with 2016 winner Chip Peterson.

Everything from the moment we got to Tiburon on Saturday was so neat. The athletes were so kind and generous. James can’t stop talking about them, especially Chip and Keri-Anne Payne. They went out of there way to make him feel special and he is like one of the big dogs. I can’t say enough positive about them. They are definitely some great role models.

Everything, from the test swim, to the dinner, to the real swim, the awards…it was perfection. Every detail down to the name on his cap, James still can’t stop talking about it. Even though this is was the hardest swim for him, he is pumped up and ready to do it again next year. He’s already added it to his ‘must swims’ every year.”

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