Read The Ocean Foundation’s 71% Bulletin

Read The Ocean Foundation’s 71% Bulletin

Courtesy of The Ocean Foundation, Planet Earth.

The ocean makes half the world’s oxygen. 94% of life on earth is aquatic. Roughly half of the legal jurisdiction of the United States is underwater. Most of the items we use every day are shipped in containers across the ocean.

You know the ocean is important to your everyday life. In fact, the ocean is important to the very air you breathe.

The Ocean Foundation introduced a new free quarterly newsletter called the 71% Bulletin.

Each 71% Bulletin will have updates on The Ocean Foundation programs, initiatives and prioritized areas of interest, and The State of the Ocean address by Mark Spalding.

To obtain the newsletter, visit 71% Bulletin here.

Spalding has been the President of The Ocean Foundation since its founding 13 years ago. Under his leadership, it has grown exponentially from a US$200,000 to US$7 million/year budget, as he prioritized its focus on steering the human relationship with the sea to a brighter future through diverse, carefully chosen strategies and projects.

The Central California native has been involved with the Alaska Oceans Program, the Shipping Safety Partnership, the Loreto Bay Foundation, the St. Kitts Foundation, the Rockefeller Ocean Strategy, SeaGrass Grow, the Sargasso Sea Commission, the Pool of Experts for the United Nations World Ocean Assessment, the Center for the Blue Economy, and the Environmental Law and Civil Society Program and Journal of Environment and Development at University of California San Diego’s Graduate School of International Relations & Pacific Studies.

He has taught at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego’s Muir College, UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, and University of San Diego’s School of Law.

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