Real-time Land Interaction With Ben Lecomte On The Pacific

When Ben Lecomte sets off from a stretch of beach near Tokyo towards San Francisco as his finish goal 5500 miles away, he and producer Doug Stanley will be creating open water swimming history – and demonstrating how dramatic, real-time storytelling of a solo swimmer can entertain the world.

Stanley of Ridgeline Entertainment is setting up a set on land that will allow many live celebrity and other guest appearances as Lecomte swims 8 hours a day through warm and cold waters, through tranquil and turbulent conditions, with marine life and far-flung garbage over a 6-month period.

As this stage will be fully interactive with the expedition through real-time communications and images, it will provide the gateway for virtual guest appearances. It will also enable viewer’s own communications with Ben and the expedition team, allowing full interactivity,” Stanley explains.

The innovative producer who created the Deadliest Catch program for the Discovery Channel is also planning to broadcast a series of live links to television networks, radio stations and various online forums.

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Steven Munatones