Reality Wrecks Redmond…Redux Rescheduled

Stephen Redmond‘s team gathered early -just after midnight – at the port nearest Tappi Misaki for his third attempt at the Tsugaru Channel. A few clouds acted as thin blankets over the calm seas.

But little did Redmond and his team know that this tranquil setting was about to change.

For the first 2 hours, Redmond enjoy flat conditions with little hint as to what was coming. In the third hour, winds started to come up. By the fourth hour, it was howling, and the foam started to scream off of the seas. Redmond would stop for a feed and slip away more than 1 meter per second. In the fifth hour, the seas came alive with anger and it was not looking pretty.

By the sixth hour, it was downright dangerous causing Captain Mizushima to pull Redmond from the water at 5 hours 58 minutes. The crew quickly started back to port with Redmond and the Red Bull documentary film crew extremely disappointed.

But Captain Mizushima told Redmond afterwards that the weather should break again beginning on July 14th, giving Redmond another chance to complete his Oceans Seven quest this coming weekend.

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Steven Munatones