Recruiting One More Swimmer For The Bering Strait Relay

Recruiting One More Swimmer For The Bering Strait Relay

We are looking for one more swimmer to participate with us – swimming for short 20-minute swims 4-5 times over a 24-30 hour period in sub-5 waters near the Arctic Circle,” explained British extreme swimmer Jack Bright.

We are trying to have as many nations represented as possible and adding an American would be very nice in our relay swim across the entire width of the 86K (53-mile) Bering Strait.

Alexander Brylin, President of the AQUICE-sport Federation and Head of the Organization Committee of the First Intercontinental Swimming Relay from Eurasia to America across the Bering Strait Meeting of the Sun is looking for another swimmer to join their colleagues from Russia, China, Great Britain, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Ireland and South Africa.

Our major goals are to (1) propagate cold water swimming and winter swimming as an essential aspect of the healthy lifestyle, (2) develop Russian-American cooperation and international friendship, and (3) conduct scientific research in order to examine the influence of the hyperthermia on the human body.”

This July, swimmers can join cold-water luminaries like Alexander, who swam 1.7K in an ice hole – 48 minutes 25 seconds at the 2010 Ice Hole Endurance Swimming Championship in Blagoveschensk, Russia, Chinese swimmer Wang Gang Yi who swam in Antarctica for 54 minutes in 2°C water, South Africans Ram Barkai (shown below), Kieron Palframan, Ryan Stramrood and Andrew Chin, Rafal Ziobro, Czechs Zdenek Talmicka and Petr Tomasek, Irish Nuala Moore and Anne Marie Ward, Alexander Brylin (Russia), Italian Paolo Chiarino and Swede Anna-Carin Nordin.

Sounds cool.

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Steven Munatones