Red Bull Surf and Rescue - Lifeguarding Like No Other

Red Bull Surf and Rescue – Lifeguarding Like No Other

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Red Bull described its new multi-discipline, multi-round Red Bull Surf and Rescue event in Atlantic City, New Jersey on July 21st. “It began as a squad of capable watermen in the 1800s who volunteered to keep safe the growing number of visitors swimming in the surf off Atlantic City.

Today every beach town in New Jersey has a professional beach patrol, and the lifeguard training has grown into a sport of its own. For the last century, these patrols have come together for competition, pushing each other to work even harder.

Red Bull Surf and Rescue challenges New Jersey’s beach patrols in a massive lifeguard tournament to be held on the beach in Atlantic City, where it all began. 32 teams of four will represent every lifesaving squad from Cape May to Sandy Hook, focusing on the classic disciplines of ocean swimming, Prone Paddle Board and Van Duyne Rescue Boat, the storied ‘unsinkable’ boats

Technical advisor Bruckner Chase explained more. “To highlight the rich history of ocean lifeguarding on the Jersey Shore, Red Bull created an innovative event that will bring together some of the finest ocean athletes on the East Coast to compete on 32 four-person teams representing beach patrols across New Jersey competing for US$8,000 in prizes and a custom Van Duyne Rescue Boat.

The event is being directed by Stephen Del Monte of DelMoSports who is known for producing popular triathlons and innovative ocean events on the East Coast.”

Red Bull Surf + Rescue competition details:

*32 teams of 4 (3 men and 1 woman) represent beach patrols from Cape May Point to Sandy Hook
*2 teams maximum per beach patrol; 24 New Jersey beach patrol teams and 8 open (non-beach patrol teams) spots available
*Registration closes on July 17th or when all 32 team spots are filled
*Beach patrol teams must bring their own equipment [exception: Van Duyne boats are available for any North Jersey teams that cannot secure their own boat]
*4-round relay race will include the disciplines of swimming, prone paddle board and Van Duyne rescue boat
*Round 1: (32 Teams) Swim Relay, 2 heats of 16 (top 10 from each heat advance)
*Round 2: (20 Teams) Prone Paddle Board Relay, 1 heat of 20 (top 16 advance)
*Round 3: (16 Teams) Van Duyne Boat Relay, doubles, 2 heats of 8 teams (top 4 from each heat advance)
*Round 4: (8 Teams) Finals Mixed Relay, 1 swimmer, 1 prone, doubles Van Duyne Boat (1 winner)
*Winning team receives choice of a new Van Duyne or a new Asay boat plus US$5,000 cash
*2nd place team receive US$2,000
*3rd place team receives US$1000

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