A Refresing Vote For Project Kaisei

A Refresing Vote For Project Kaisei

Project Kaisei, the brainchild of George Orbelian, Mary Crowley and Doug Woodring, was nominated by Pepsi for a US$250,000 award to remove tons of floating debris from our oceans.

Pepsi Refresh Project is giving away US$1,300,000 each month to fund great ideas. Learn more here.

Doug, who organizes the The Clean Half Extreme Marathon Relay and The Sheko Open Water Challenge, explained, “Project Kaisei (Capturing the Plastic Vortex) got into the Pepsi for the month of May. Anyone in the USA can vote, every single day, during the month, for Project Kaisei. The top two projects for the month will win US$250,000. This could be a huge thing for us. People are allowed to vote every single day…so please vote here.”

With a winning vote on the Pepsi campaign, Project Kaisei will receive valuable funds to achieve these goals:

• To motivate change, at sea and on land, to reduce the Plastic Vortex
• To further map & document size of debris problem for future cleanup
• To develop larger-scale methods to capture/remove plastic ocean debris
• To speed introduction of new waste management techniques on land
• To expand outreach and education of the marine debris problem

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