Remembering Lynn Kubasek with Her Legacy in the California Channel Islands

Remembering Lynn Kubasek with Her Legacy in the California Channel Islands

Lynn Kubasek is one of the most loved and respected open water swimmers in America. Unfortunately, she passed away in January 2019 due to pancreatic cancer (read her obituary here).

Kubasek left a long legacy of volunteering, observing and supporting dozens of channel swims and relays in the California Channel Islands and elsewhere. Her videos dot the YouTube marathon swimming landscape under the handle Oceanswimmr (see here and example below).

She was a year-round a member of the Oak Streeters pod in Laguna Beach, California. She also co-hosted Swim Camp Catalina and often gifted lovely scented bars of soap to open water swimmers around the world.

One of the videos that she created was of a long channel swim by The Ventura Deep Enders relay that swam from San Nicolas Island to San Pedro, California in 2015. The team of Zach JirkovskyJim McConicaJohn ChungStacey WarmuthTom Ball and Tamie Stewart, coached by Theo Schmeeckle, pioneered and completed an unprecedented 112.8 km crossing in 33 hours 37 minutes 26 seconds.

Their escort kayakers and support crew included Allen BallJill BallBob HowellPatty HowellPamJirkowsky, and Carol Lacy. The Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association observers included Kubasek and Jax Cole. The team was guided by Bottom Scratcher with captain Greg Elliot, Craig and Danny.

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