Remembering Remigiusz, Going with Gołębiowski

Remembering Remigiusz, Going with Gołębiowski

Remigiusz Gołębiowski is a Polish national-level pool and open water swimmer, certified WOWSA coach, and an inspirational mentor who is active in various aspects of the sport.

Back in 2014, he organized the Baltic Adventure (Projekt Balitc Adventure), the first crossing attempt of the Baltic Sea from the south of Sweden to Kołobrzeg, Poland. His physiological goal was audacious: a 164 km wetsuit swim that he estimated to take him at least 48 hours. But it was ultimately a DNF when he was pulled out with a heart rate of only 40 beats per minute in rough water conditions.

But his overall goal of the Baltic Adventure was to draw attention to the number of drownings occurring in Poland, as well as the insufficient number of compulsory swimming classes in primary schools.

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