Rene Martínez Saenz Giving It His Best Shot

Rene Martínez Saenz Giving It His Best Shot

Aloo a la otra orilla is a documentary film by director and screenwriter Gerardo Flores Ruiz about the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming journey of Mexican open water swimmer Rene Martínez Saenz, a member of Protección y Conservación Pelágica AC, a Mexican non-profit organization whose mission is to protect open ocean marine life in Mexico.

Aloo premiered in October 2021 in Mexico where the story and filmmaking was highly lauded.

Martínez thought to himself minutes before his first 10 km marathon swim, “If I can do this swim, I will swim the English Channel.”

But he did not finish his introduction to marathon swimming. Rather, he got lost, became dehydrated, and learned what true suffering feels. Back on shore while holding a tequila shot, he wiped clean his initial thought – or rather, he redefined it. Even though he did not finish his introductory marathon swim, he told his wife that he will swim across the Channel.

Ultimately, he circled Manhattan Island, crossed the English Channel, and swam the Catalina Channel achieve the Triple Crown as his goals shifted and grew.

Martínez said, “After a few years from my English Channel swim, I finally got this cut of a video which originally was thought as a memory. After reflecting over my experience, I thought about sharing this journey from the point of view of an ‘average Joe’ who took swimming as a main driver to contribute to a certain cause (marine conservation) if I can inspire a single soul to do something challenging and get out of their comfort zones through physical activity, I will be thrilled.”

Rene Martínez Saenz

The film also features International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famers and fellow channel swimmers Nora Toledano and Antonio Argüelles.

Aloo Director Gerardo Flores Ruiz

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