Results LEN Open Water Swimming Cup 2023 - Leg 5 - Vales, North Macedonia

Results LEN Open Water Swimming Cup 2023 – Leg 5 – Vales, North Macedonia

The 5th leg of the LEN Open Water Cup in Veles, North Macedonia, concluded with nail-biting finishes in both races. Italy’s Pasquale Giordano narrowly defeated his compatriot Mario Sanzullo, while Hungary’s Bettina Fabian finished just ahead of Germany’s Lea Boy.

The men’s race was dominated by the Italians, with their swimmers clinching the top positions. Although Mario Sanzullo, second in the overall rankings, was the anticipated winner due to Marcelo Guidi’s absence, it was Pasquale Giordano who had the final burst of energy to secure the win. The top four swimmers were separated by a mere second, with Giordano finishing 0.72 seconds ahead of Sanzullo, who managed to touch the panel just 0.16 seconds before Giuseppe Ilario.

Despite Sanzullo’s second-place finish costing him 100 points, his quick touch earned him an additional 100 points, placing him 400 points ahead with only one leg left in the competition.

The women’s race was equally thrilling, with the top three overall contenders battling it out fiercely in North Macedonia. A similar scenario played out in Samorin three weeks prior, where Lea Boy surged ahead in the final lap. Bettina Fabian, having resumed training shortly before the previous leg, managed to keep pace with Boy. While Boy had previously won with a 20-second lead, this time the margin vanished, and it all boiled down to the final touch. Fabian had the slight edge, securing first place.

Arianna Bridi’s third-place finish means the overall standings are incredibly close. Bridi’s lead has been reduced to just 50 points over Fabian. Boy also remains in contention, and her performance in the upcoming Barcelona leg will be crucial.

LEN Open Water Cup, Leg 5, Veles (MKD) Results:


  1. Pasquale Giordano (ITA) – 1:56:15.781
  2. Mario Sanzullo (ITA) – 1:56:15.500
  3. Giuseppe Ilario (ITA) – 1:56:16.667


  1. Bettina Fabian (HUN) – 2:07:34.452
  2. Lea Boy (GER) – 02:07:34.722
  3. Arianna Bridi (ITA) – 2:07:36.365

Overall Standings (Top 5):


  1. Mario Sanzullo (ITA) – 2900 points
  2. Marcello Guidi (ITA) – 2500 points
  3. Domenico Acerenza (ITA) – 1500 points
  4. Andrea Filadelli (ITA) – 1310 points
  5. Pasquale Giordano (ITA) – 1100 points


  1. Arianna Bridi (ITA) – 2750 points
  2. Bettina Fabian (HUN) – 2700 points
  3. Lea Boy (GER) – 2300 points
  4. Ginevra Taddeucci (ITA) – 1500 points
  5. Silvia Ciccarella (ITA) – 1300 points

Photo credits: LEN Facebook