Results of the Second Leg of LEN Open Water Cup 2023: Acerenza and Cassignol Claim Victory in Piombino

Results of the Second Leg of LEN Open Water Cup 2023: Acerenza and Cassignol Claim Victory in Piombino

LEN European Aquatics reported that Domenico Acerenza of Italy and Oceane Cassignol of France emerged as the winners at the second leg of the LEN Open Water Cup held in Piombino, Italy on May 13, 2023. The event drew over 100 participants who braved the cool waters and waves of the rocky coastline.

In the men’s competition, the Italians showcased their dominance, despite Gregorio Paltrinieri, their top swimmer, withdrawing from the race due to health issues related to the cold water. Domenico Acerenza, the reigning European champion, pushed through the entire race and secured victory with a comfortable 1.5-second lead. Behind him, a tight battle for the remaining positions unfolded, resulting in a photo finish. Eventually, Andrea Filadelli and Ivan Giovannoni, alongside veteran Mario Sanzullo, claimed the silver and bronze medals.

The women’s race was highlighted by Oceane Cassignol of France, who outmaneuvered her competitors in the final meters and secured a two-second lead. Ginevra Taddeucci and Barbara Pozzobon, who had led for most of the race, settled for second and third place respectively. Despite challenging conditions, with more than 30 swimmers retiring early, 50 men and 22 women displayed their bravery by crossing the finish line.

This event contrasted with the 2022 European Championships in Rome, where the 25km race was halted due to severe weather conditions. In that instance, no medal-winners were initially declared, but after reassessment, LEN decided to adhere to the rules and determine the final rankings. The medal winners from the Rome event were also present at the Piombino races, where they received their medals and mascots from LEN President Antonio da Silva. Mauro Sanzullo, in particular, celebrated with two medals, while Caroline Jouisse of France secured the women’s gold.

Quotes from the LEN European Aquatics website:

Domenico Acerenza (ITA), winner, men’s 10km “The conditions were difficult, but this is open water swimming, we have to be good at adapting to all temperatures. I applied a different tactic than usual. I stayed covered until halfway through the race and then took the lead from the fifth lap. I’m happy because it wasn’t easy to win today and because my condition isn’t yet the best as I’m still missing a bit of speed.”

Oceane Cassignol (FRA), winner, women’s 10km “I felt great before the race and during it as well. It was much better than on Monday in Egypt (at the World Series) where I had been a bit worried as I had broken my nose two weeks ago. Today this did not affect my race at all, so could swim freely and I’m really happy that I could win this event. It’s a good boost before the summer season.”””

Mario Sanzullo (ITA), 2022 European champion, 25km “After nine months, now I’m European champion, so this is my happy day! It was a very tough race last August but at least our efforts were recognised at the end.”

Caroline Jouisse (FRA), 2022 European champion, 25km “The emotions are not the same as if we had received the medals on the same day of the race. It’s a bit of weird feeling, it was tough day, a unique situation, but it’s good to get the medals after all.”

Photo Credit: LEN European Aquatics Facebook