Resurface To Begin The Healing Process In The Ocean

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Passionate watermen from Hawaii to New Jersey to Rio de Janeiro are helping people with disabilities get into and enjoy the open water.

People Kainoa McGee in Hawaii create and offer Versatility Krafts that offer stability and ample room for individuals and families to paddle together.

Programs like the Ocean City Swim Club and Bacharach Rehabilitation Hospital Swimming and Paddling Unified Team Program by Becky McGill, Bruckner Chase and Michelle Evans-Chase provide ocean swimming and prone paddleboarding program for athletes with spinal cord injuries.

Programs in Rio de Janeiro supported by Pedro Rego Monteiro help bring people who cannot walk to Copacabana Beach and enable them to get into the Atlantic Ocean with specialty wheelchairs that transport them across the wide stretch of soft sand and into and out of the water.

These dedicated individuals help individuals with spinal cord injuries and other injuries learn how to move through the water and guide innovative open water sessions that tremendously benefits those limited to normal movement on land.

Today, at the International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco, the 22-minute documentary film Resurface by Josh Izenberg and Wynn Padula showcases Van Curaza’s Operation Surf, allowing the ocean to begin a healing process among military veterans. See trailer above.

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Steven Munatones