Ricardo Valdivia Wins Age-Group Hour Championship

Ricardo Valdivia Wins Age-Group Hour Championship

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The battle continued lap after lap for an hour. 60 minutes of competition conducted silently, across time zones in separate pools and at different times, but 49-year-old Ricardo Valdivia of Gulliver Swim Club won the men’s 45-49 age group at the 2014 Speedo One Hour Postal National Championship held across pools around the United States and in various places around the world.

Valdivia, swimming the one-hour time trial in Florida, outswam two 48-year-olds Mike Shaffer from Ventura, California (5,580 yards) and Jeff Erwin of Sawtooth Masters Swim Club competing out of Idaho (5,550 yards) in the 45-49 year age group.

All three fast pool swimmers have also demonstrated their skills in numerous local, national and international open water swimming competitions over the years.

The other national age-group champions at the Speedo One Hour Postal National Championship, all very competitive, are as follows:

18-24: Bruce Deakyne (24) 5,510 yard
25-29: Tobias Work (28) 5,600 yards
30-34: Jarrod Shoemaker (31) 5,375 yards
35-39: Kevin Everett (38) 5,610 yards
40-44: Kirk Nelson (43) 5,235 yards
45-49: Ricardo Valdivia (49) 5,625 yards
50-54: George Tidmarsh (53) 5,360 yards
55-59: Sandy Mac Donald (58) 5,310 yards
60-64: Rick Colella (62) 5,125 yards
65-69: Joel Wilson (65) 4,645 yards
70-74: Richard Burns (70) 4,300 yards
75-79: David Radcliff (79) 4,220 yards
80-84: Thomas Taylor (83) 3,460 yards
85-89: Harvey Prosser (85) 2,730 yards
90-94: Charles Bushey (92) 1,560 yards
The historical background of the Hour Postal Swim is written here.

The women’s age-group champions are here. The complete results of the men’s competition are posted here. Complete results of the women’s competition are posted here.

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