Richard Weinberger Is On A Roll, Wins Pan Ams 10K

Richard Weinberger Is On A Roll, Wins Pan Ams 10K

Richard Weinberger of Canada continued to blossom as a solid Olympic medal contender with his second consecutive major international victory. Unlike his much more comfortable victory in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim course in London, this time Richard only squeaked through a very close victory in 1:57:31, only 0.3 seconds ahead of American Arthur Frayler and a few strokes ahead of third-place Guillermo Bertola of Argentina in 1:57:33.9.

The top men were close throughout the entire course, with Richard characteristically pushing the pace. Arthur told USA Swimming, “Obviously the gold would have been nice, but I have one from this trip [referring to his gold medal in the 1500m freestyle]. I think Fran [Crippen] would have been happy and that’s all I really care about. Fran and my family and everyone back home knows I did it for him.”

The race judges had to go to video between Guillermo and Ivan for the bronze. A protest was filed due to possible impeding, but the referee determined the contact was incidental.

Highlights of the race and very close finish can be seen here. Results:

Gold: Richard Weinberger (CAN) – 1:57:31.0
Silver: Arthur Frayler (USA) – 1:57:31.3
Bronze: Guillermo Bertola (ARG) – 1:57:33.9
4. Ivan Enderica (ECU) – 1:57:34.6
5. Ivan De Jesus Lopez (MEX) – 1:58:21.3
6. Erwin Maldonado (VEN) – 1:58:21.5
7. Allan do Carmo (BRA) – 1:58:37.3
8. Luis Escobar (MEX) – 1:58:49.6
9. Angel Moreira (VEN) – 2:03:13.6
10. Santiago Endercia (ECU) – 2:03:25.6

11. Damian Blaum (ARG) – 2:05:00.5
12. Samuel De Bona (BRA) – 2:08:28.4
13. Nathaniel Ramos (PUR) – 2:11:39.0
14. Rodolfo Sanchez (CRC) – 2:11:53.1
15. Kevin Vazquez (GUA) – 2:16:34.4
16. Omar Nuñez (NCA) – 2:19:16.8
17. Miguel Portes (DOM) – 2:19:18.0

Photo by Eduardo Verdugo / AP above shows Richard swimming past a Mexican Navy ship that secured the area and was monitoring the 29.5°C water temperaturet. 22, 2011.

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