Rick Gould, Dedicated And Decorated Man In The Sea

Rick Gould, Dedicated And Decorated Man In The Sea

Race directors are the heart and soul of the open water swimming world. They are the tireless engines that drive the sport. They are dedicated men and women of deep-seated passion; there are individuals with a DNA deeply rooted in the open water; they are selfless ambassadors of the sport who envision, organize and execute open water swimming events despite the often thankless tasks that the job requires.

Many of these individuals are long-time veterans of the sport.

One such individual is former Californian lifeguard Rick Gould, the National Statistician Coordinator for the United States Lifesaving Association. He has been organizing the annual (39 to date) Santa Cruz Roughwater Swim in northern California.

The one-mile Santa Cruz swim is a summertime tradition in the seaside community of Santa Cruz. “I can’t even remember how long I’ve been directing the race for,” Gould said. “It’s been at least 35 years.” Gould sees not only the same swimmers year after year in the charity swim, but is now seeing the second generation follow in the footsteps of their fathers and mothers.

Photo shows the start of the Santa Cruz Roughwater Swim…with Rick Gould safely at the helm.

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Steven Munatones