Ridgeline Entertainment, Swimming Against The Tide

Doug Stanley and his team at Ridgeline Entertainment are the people who are enabling Ben Lecomte to realize his dream to not only swim across the Pacific Ocean, but also to bring the day-to-day drama to the world in a unique technological package.

Out in the middle of the Earth’s largest body of water, Stanley will create, transmit and deliver intensely dramatic and story-driven episodes for six months, filmed in the tight quarters of a tender and mother ship with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Interwoven between the episodes and exploits of Lecomte, Stanley will feature stories of companies and people who have been swimming against the tide of the economy. He wants to bring to light groups of people, working diligently and innovatively in their own way to change market trends and industry norms in a down economy.

While Lecomte is swimming 5,500 miles across the Pacific, companies will be showcased for their inspirational work on terra firma.

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Steven Munatones