The RiverFest Swim, For The Love Of Open Water

The RiverFest Swim, For The Love Of Open Water

The RiverFest 2010 kicked off with an endurance event in the open water, a 11.7-mile swim down the Willamette River from Oregon City to Portland.

Nine solo swimmers and one relay team completed the RiverFest Swim that has opened up the waterways and mindset of other endurance athletes and open water swimmers in the state of Oregon.

Triple Crown swimmer Michelle Macy won the event in 5:18:40 with Ron Thompson winning the men’s side with a 6:02:13. Swimming downstream along the tree-line river along very scenic homes for eight miles before opening up into the urbanized area of downtown Portland, the RiverFest Swim kicked off the RiverFest 2010, a three-day celebration of the Willamette River. In a true story, a romantic inspiration for the swim, this swim was first down by a lifeguard from Lake Oswego who swam the distance a few times to see his then-girlfriend and future wife.

55-year-old Keith Dow, the oldest competitor in the field, said, “It was great to do a new swim that held many surprises. One that few had done before and where each bend of the river brought a new vista.”

In the future, there will be many more who will take to the Williamette River for the love of the sport.

The final results:

1. Michelle Macy (33 years old) 5:18:40
2. Ron Thompson (50) 6:02:13
3. Mackenzie Bradley (19) 6:04:20
4. Joni Young (49) 6:07:39
5. Summir Harris (31) 6:08:36
6. Kimberly Duffy (36) 6:17:16
7. Jacqueline Parker (32) 6:40:25
8. Keith Dow (55) 6:41:26
9. David Livengood (47) 7:04:35
10. Magnus Johannesson (53) and Mike Swan (51) 8:04:35

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