Robert Bohane, First to Swim from Skellig Michael to Portmagee

Robert Bohane, First to Swim from Skellig Michael to Portmagee

Robert Bohane of the Cork Masters Swimming Club completed an unprecedented 6 hour 29 minute swim from Skellig Michael Island, a UNESCO world heritage site in Ireland to Portmagee, a village in County Kerry on July 30th 2007.

He pioneered his 18.7 km swim at 9:07 am at the boat slip on Michael Skellig in 13.7°C water and finished at the boat slip on Portmagee in 3:36 pm in 16°C water. Observer Ned Denison recalls, “Rob started in 1-3 meter swells every 8 seconds while facing a 15 mph winds. After 2.5 hours, the surface became glass with gentle undulations with a lower winds of 5 mph. After 4 hours, the swells had fallen to 1 meter every 10 seconds as the 15 mph winds continued. After 5.5 hours, Robert was hitting a light chop with a strong tide to the east.

His crew on the main escort boat did a great job: Captain Brendan O’Connell, mate Micky Door, navigation advisor Des O’Connell, photographer Barry Sphinx – as did the crew on the rib: Captain John Casey with Denis Daly and Angela O’Shea, and support swimmer Cornelius Bohane.

He finished to an assembled crowd of more than 200 people who mobbed him upon walking up the slipway. “This was the first time that anyone has completed this swim. We hope others will follow Rob. This swim of more than 6 hours in 6°C water qualified Rob for an English Channel solo attempt.”

Bohane ultimately completed an English Channel swim in 12 hours 4 minutes on September 3rd 2012 from England to France.

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