Rosie Foley Achieves A Childhood Dream

Rosie Foley Achieves A Childhood Dream

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

It was a childhood dream.

Renowned rugby player Rosie Foley completed a 39.32 km unprecedented crossing of Lough Derg in Ireland in 13 hours 10 minutes.

It was the longest mid-summer swim on the longest day,” recalls the renowned Irish athlete.

I am delighted to finally be the first person in swimming togs complete it from swimmer’s beach in Portumna, Co. Galway to Killaloe, Co. Clare.

Lough Derg (from Irish Loch Deirgeirt, meaning “loch of the red eye“) is the second-largest lake in Ireland and is the third-largest in the whole island (after Lough Neagh and Lough Corrib).

The mother of three children and the all-around star athlete, few are as active or accomplished as Foley on the land and in the water. “I have played camogie and gaelic football winning a county Clare championship in both codes. I have been lucky enough to win All Ireland medals in both gaelic football and rugby.”

She is also a qualified swim teacher, tutor, water safety instructor and examiner and played international rugby winning 39 caps for Ireland having played in two rugby World Cups, two European Championships and 5 Six Nations Championships.

With an honors degree in Physical Education & Geography and also hold a Masters degree in Science from the University of Limerick, Foley teaches physical education and geography in St Anne’s Community College, Killaloe, Co Clare. and is involved in Derg athletics, community games, open water swimming, rugby and hurling as well as a member of Limerick Masters Swimming Club, Tralee Bay Swimming Club, and Irish Water Safety.

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