Ross Edgley's Attempt to Swim Over 170 Kilometers | Live Tracker | Lake Trasimeno, Italy

Ross Edgley’s Attempt to Swim Over 170 Kilometers | Live Tracker | Lake Trasimeno, Italy

Ross Edgley, an endurance athlete best known for his 1,780 mile swim around Great Britain, in 157 days, is preparing to embark on a world record attempt that will push his physical and mental limits. From the 13th to the 16th of July, he will attempt to swim a distance of over 170 kilometers, with an estimated duration of more than 72 hours. Edgley will take on the challenge in the picturesque setting of Lake Trasimeno, Italy.

Lake Trasimeno, chosen as the venue for this attempt, offers favorable conditions for Edgley’s ambitious swim. With relatively few water users and water temperatures hovering around 25 degrees Celsius. The logistics for the event have been arranged by SwimTrek Italy, ensuring a seamless operation.

Navigating his way through Lake Trasimeno, Edgley will swim consecutive loops around two significant geographical islands: Isola Minore and Isola Polvese. Starting and finishing at Punta Navaccia Beach, each loop will encompass approximately 22 kilometers.

Ross’s swim journey presents several challenges, a public beach with potential private boating traffic and ferry piers with fishing poles. Skippers involved in the swim will prioritize communication with public ferries, adjusting routes to ensure safety. They will also remain vigilant during nighttime, keeping an eye out for fishing nets beneath the surface.

Ross will be closely observed by Ger Kennedy and Thomas W. Kofler to ensure adherence to the prescribed guidelines and rules. Ross and his observers will declare the rules followed before the attempt.

Stay tuned for an upcoming video update.

Follow Ross’s progress Live Tracker Approximate swim start: Thursday, July 13, 2023 7am CET

Update 2023-07-13 05:56:38: Pre-swim briefing with observers Ger Kennedy and Thomas W. Kofler for Ross Edgley’s attempt to swim over 170 km.

Update: 2023-07-13 16:53:

Ross will be adhering to the standard rules for a continuous, current-neutral, unassisted swim in order to qualify for a record attempt. See WOWSA Rules & Regulations.

While it is common for organizations like WOWSA to define and communicate the rules internally during pre-swim planning and before an attempt, the decision to publicly share this information through videos and blog posts was made in order to maintain transparency and prevent any potential controversies surrounding record attempts.

We apologize for any delays in responding to comments on social media platforms like Facebook. Our team is dedicated but small, and we may not always be able to provide immediate responses. However, we strive to address inquiries and concerns as thoroughly as possible.

Update: Unofficial videos from spectators and lifeguards from the swim start. Unofficial time 06:55.32 CEST – Ross Edgley’s Attempt to Swim Over 170 Kilometers

Update: Swim Stopped

Update: Observer Ger Kennedy July 15, 2023

“Incredible super human effort by Ross Edgley to challenge himself to attempt such a feat & goal of 170km attempt

With rising water temperatures up to 31.5c and air temp on boat over 40c the risk of hypothermia was very real for Ross and the tough & right decision to stop the swim before a major casualty of hyperthermia ⚠️” – Ger Kennedy

Update: Ross Edgley June 15, 2023

“Lake Trasimeno you were AMAZING, but unfortunately with this ‘Cerberus’ heat wave (to quote CNN news) expected to hit Italy this week it meant temperatures threatened to reach a record 48°C in places (water temperature at 33°C in parts) which meant the swim had to be attempted under pretty brutal conditions! That said, we tried and the team were AMAZING but the adventure was cut short around 70km due to heat stroke and concerns of dehydration and kidney damage.” – Ross Edgley