Round And Round They Went In Bermuda

Round And Round They Went In Bermuda

300 swimmers, some who were colorfully clad, braved strong winds in the 20th anniversary of the Bermuda Round the Sound Swim this weekend.

The swimmers, some coming from as far away as Alaska, competed in distances of 10K, 7.25K, 4K, 2K, and 0.8K in the 78°F (26°C) water with Sir Richard Gozney, Governor of Bermuda, to present the awards.

23 swimmers from the ABC Gray Sharks in Massachusetts saw it as a great opportunity to get friends together and do something they all love. Susan Kirk of New Jersey said, “So much passion for swimming permeates the ambiance here. It’s very inspirational.”

As one of the world’s top open water swims that assessment is to be expected. The top three finishers included:

1. Brian Hogan, 2:04:03
2. William Rappaport, 2:04:05
3. Max Tremain, 2:06:28

Photos by Patricia Sener.

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