Round Jersey Military Relay Race - The Americans

Round Jersey Military Relay Race – The Americans

The 41-mile Round Jersey military relay race is on.

A small flotilla of military teams will challenge the elements in August under the guidance of Sgt. Mike James, a specialist physiotherapist from the Royal Air Force, Colonel Rob Healey of the Army, Major Hamish McCarthy, and the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club vice president Charlie Gravett.

One team includes Lt. Kathleen Le, Second Airman Jason Nemes, Lt Colonel Jeff Hemmes, and Colonel Tim Lawrence.

Lt Kathleen Le started swimming at a young age in California and continued as a competitive swimmer for 10 years and during her education at the U.S. Air Force Academy where she played water polo. Now as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force, Le does triathlons and swims in San Francisco Bay. “I am excited for the opportunity to swim with the Royal services and represent the U.S. Air Force in the upcoming Exercise Jersey Eagle.”

Senior Airman Nemes also began swimming at a young age until the age of 12. He reinitiated his love of the sport at the age of 23 when he began competing in open water and pool events including the YMCA Nationals Masters Championships where he medaled ten times.

Lt Colonel Jeff Hemmes is the commander of Air Force ROTC Detachment 5 at Auburn University in Alabama. He has a total of 19 years of active military service in both the Air Force and Marine Corps, frequently competing in pool and open water races while balancing work and raising 5 children.

Colonel Tim Lawrence is the Commandant and Vice Chancellor of the Air Force Institute of Technology that is responsible for the graduate education of 3,500 personnel and professional continuing education of 40,000 officers, enlisted personnel, and civilians. Colonel Lawrence has swum the Solent Channel, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, completed the English Channel both relay and solo, completed a Round Jersey solo twice, finished the Tampa Bay Maratho Swim, swum from Vis to Split in Croatia, did a 2-man relay from Santa Barbara Island to Long Beach, California, and completed a Jersey to France solo swim.

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