Rounding The Horn Of Seward In Seattle

Rounding The Horn Of Seward In Seattle

The Olmsted Brothers designed New York City’s Central Park, one of the world’s greatest urban parks on Manhattan Island.

On the other side of America on the West Coast, they also designed another urban gem in Seattle: Seward Park.

Within the view of this historic landmark in Seattle, swimmers and triathlete can see the majestic Mount Rainier and celebrate Seattle’s remarkable natural beauty with 2 cold-water 2.4-mile Circumnavigate Seward excursion swims. The first is held on July 11th.

Race director Guila Muir describes the event, “This is a challenging swim around the Horn of Seward (Bailey Peninsula) that will test your limits. We provide safety kayak support and open water swim tips in an incredibly beautiful setting. The camaraderie is infectious.”

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