Running To The Water Step-by-Step, Joel Rosentsweig

Running To The Water Step-by-Step, Joel Rosentsweig

Professor Joel Rosentsweig is a former college professor in Southern California who took up swimming at the age of 77 because he could not run anymore. Over the next five years, he transformed his aerobic base developed on land to swimming up and down a local pool.

But his daughter planted a seed in her father’s mind that he should try swimming from Alcatraz Island to Aquatic Park in San Francisco on July 28th.

With his new goal in mind and an enthusiasm of students 60 years his junior, the Dana Point octogenarian started his ocean-training program…

…but the romantic notion of swimming from Alcatraz Island met head on with the reality of the uncooperative Pacific Ocean. The conditions were not smooth in the beginning. Rough in fact. Very rough. Too rough. Standing onshore looking at the waves crashing and currents running parallel along the misty coast, Rosentsweig was intimated with the dynamics of the ocean on day one.

He was worried that his skills could not meet the challenge. Willing to ease into his next stage of development, he swam only 50 yards before he got out on that first day. But, like the many lessons he shared with his students over the decades, he remained undaunted and fixated on his goal of swimming in San Francisco Bay.

The persistent professor was now a focused student of the sport. Stroke-by-stroke and day-by-day, with the encouragement of his teammates, family and friends, he ultimately swam a mile non-stop in Lake Mission Viejo within 8 weeks of that inauspicious start.

His next step along his new-found passion is the upcoming Lake Mission Viejo 1.5 km swim that is part of the Orange County Triathlon.

To watch this remarkable individual fulfill his goal first established at the age of 82, visit Lake Mission Viejo in Southern California on May 20th.

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