Russia-Turkey International Karadeniz, a 320 km Relay Across The Black Sea

Russia-Turkey International Karadeniz, a 320 km Relay Across The Black Sea

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Rusya – Türkiye Uluslararasi Karadeniz 320 km Açik Deniz Yüzme Maratonu 2021 overview above shows 320 km course from Sochi, Russia to Giresun, Turkey.

One normally does not think of a marathon swim between Russia and Turkey…but now they do.

The Russia – Turkey International Karadeniz (Black Sea) Marathon Swim is a 11-member relay team that will continue to swim non-stop in one-hour legs over the 320 km distance. The team of 3 Russian swimmers and 8 Turkish swimmers estimates the 320 km distance from Giresun to Sochi will take them approximately 90-120 hours (4-5 days) to complete.

The team window is between June 14th and 20th. This event is hosted by Istanbul Yildizlar Yuzme Spor Kulübü and will be the longest marathon relay in 2021 in support of public health workers who have strived to support their communities throughout the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and to call attention to supporting the friendship between Russia and Turkey.

The relay team – that includes a former minister, world champions, artists, and businesspeople – will be managed and observed by an observer from the Turkish Swimming Federation and a referee.

The Club Chairman is Mustafa Özer with the relay team consists of the former Government Minister Kürsad Tüzmen, the world masters swimming champion Ahmet Nakkas, the world cold water champion Hamza Bakircioglu, and 3 Russian swimmers. The Istanbul Yildizlar Yuzme Spor Kulübü organized the 93 km marathon between Anamur – Cyprus last year.

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