Ryan Stramrood Achieves A Century Swim Plus

Ryan Stramrood Achieves A Century Swim Plus

Ryan Stramrood Achieves A Century Swim Plus

Courtesy of Ryan Stramrood, Cape Town, South Africa.

Ryan Stramrood is swimming at a 100% success rate with his 7.4 km crossings between Robben Island to Blouberg Beach in Cape Town, South Africa.

His record of success is remarkable given the fact that he has completed the rough, cold stretch between Robben Island and Cape Town a total of 109 times, the latest on June 17th.

He completed his Century Swim when he swam for the 100th time from Robben Island in South Africa on May 24th 2019. Last week, he just broke the record held by the late Theodore Yach for most Robben Island crossings with 109.

Stramrood said, “I finally exceeded the incredibly high bar set by the late…good friend: 7.6 km in 13-14°C water. I’ve wanted this one for a long time and it’s been a brutal goal on body and mind. No two crossings are ever the same.

Yet I still learn. And the lesson taught me once again is the immense power of the mind. But also the roles of confidence and determination. Being my first Robben Island swim since lockdown restrictions, and very little training…it was tough.

Yach was the first to complete a Robben Island Century Swim and ultimately completed 108 crossings in 2016 before he unexpectedly passed away in 2018. Stamrood dedicated his crossing to Yach, “I was very pleased to find my feet on the beach after one of my slowest crossings ever.”

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