Sacrifice With A Smile

Sacrifice With A Smile

The Cork Distance Week is described as, “Torture. Confusion. Stress.

A tiny part of the world – Sandycove Island in Ireland – has become a must-do and must-see in the channel swimming world. Sandycove plays host to the Cork Distance Week, the absolutely most brutal, the most unforgiving, the downright dastardly difficult open water swimming camp in the world…

So why does everyone seem to smile during the Cork Distance Week?

Maybe because the swimmers enjoy the cold water, challenging tides, long tough swims, and the uncertainty of the changing conditions?

Maybe because founder Ned Denison is always smiling, especially while giving instructions to the Body Brain Confusion Swim?

Maybe because they have so much fun among like-minded athletes?

Maybe because swimmers get in so much water time for so little money (i.e., fees)?

Maybe because swimmers tend to smile when they finish each day, especially the final day?

As Channel aspirant Martha Wood said, “Done and dusted! Completed my 6-hour sub-61°F English Channel qualifier today at the amazing Sandycove, in Kinsale Ireland at the end of great Cork Distance Week.”

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Steven Munatones