Salvadoran and Mexican Swimmers Triumph at "El Cruce" Open Water Swimming Competition

Salvadoran and Mexican Swimmers Triumph at “El Cruce” Open Water Swimming Competition

The open water swimming competition, “El Cruce” witnessed the emergence of Salvadoran and Mexican swimmers as the champions in the XVII edition of El Cruce Cancún-Isla Mujeres. Covering a challenging distance of 10 kilometers from Caracol Beach in Cancun’s hotel zone to the prestigious “El Pescador” club in Isla Mujeres, this event had 900 participants from 17 countries.

In the women’s division, Fátima Portillo from El Salvador clinched the title, displaying an impressive performance. Portillo completed the demanding course with a time of two hours, 5 seconds, and 2 hundredths, showcasing her skill and resilience. Priscila Camila de la Peña from Mexico secured the second-place position, closely trailing with a time of 2 hours, 14 minutes, 21 seconds, and one hundredth. Another Mexican athlete, Regina Alejandra de la Peña, demonstrated her abilities and claimed the third-place honor with a time of 2 hours, 14 minutes, 34 seconds, and 4 hundredths.

In the men’s category, Daniel Delgadillo from Mexico stood atop the podium with an outstanding performance. Delgadillo completed the arduous course in one hour, 49 minutes, 20 seconds, and one hundredth, showcasing his determination and skill. Maximiliano Paccot Piriz from Uruguay secured the second-place position with a time of one hour, 55 minutes, 20 seconds, and 8 hundredths, while David Olvera López, another Mexican athlete, claimed the third spot, finishing the course in one hour, 55 minutes, 59 seconds, and 8 hundredths.

The competition attracted a total of 1,400 participants from 18 countries, including the United States, Colombia, Costa Rica, Canada, El Salvador, and Brazil, along with swimmers from 29 Mexican states in the “Half Iron Swim” and “Iron Swim”, 1.9 and 3.8 kilometers respectively. Rafael Hernández, the event coordinator, highlighted the challenges posed by the demanding currents that tested the participants’ mettle. To ensure the safety of all swimmers, the circuit was carefully monitored and closed in coordination with the Port Authority, mitigating potential water-related accidents.

“El Cruce” is one of the top 20 competitions worldwide. Known as one of Mexico’s premier events, the competition’s operational complexity and scenic beauty captivate both swimmers and spectators.