Salvatore Cimmino Stands Up For The Disabled

Salvatore Cimmino Stands Up For The Disabled

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Salvatore Cimmono continues to push for equality and opportunities for individuals with disabilities through an innovative perspective of an open water swimming ambassador and disability spokesperson.

He writes from Porto Taverna Beach in Sardinia, “People with disabilities should be able to have their say, to contribute in shaping civil society and to participate in decisions that affect the political, public and social life.

The tool to achieve this goal is at school which is a good teacher of life at every level. It is therefore important that integration starts here. All children, in particular those with disabilities, should have the opportunity to attend school with a view to integrate between able-bodied children and children with disabilities.

Only by means of a real integration will a child with disability have the opportunity to participate in social life and to develop and improve to the extent of their disabilities. The result would be revolutionary: allowing children to better understand each other and to learn from each other playing together.

At school you learn not only how to read and write, but also to socialize, to make friends, to take care of yourself. I witnessed an example in Sardinia’s Sport da A-Mare during an encounter at the Istituto Comprensivo di Loiri Porto San Paolo. I express my gratitude to the principal and teachers for introducing me to their students who were ready to listen.

Disability is not an anomaly, but only one of the many variants of the human being. The variety of human beings becomes a winning factor when the capabilities and potential of each one are used appropriately and effectively – also and especially to build a social life.”

Salvatore Cimmono will attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida across the Florida Straits during an April-May 2016 window.

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